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BleBlo Batch Feature

If you think dusting off the cobwebs from your library and adding them to your digital library sounds like a lot of work you will be glad to know BleBlo V2 will allow you to add items in batches in one of two ways.

Method 1:

The first method of adding items in batches is to add only the titles, separated by commas. This is the preferred method for items that don’t have barcodes such as old books, toys, stamps, coins, dolls, your kid’s art etc.

Once you added all the titles you can select a thumbnail for each title or if you prefer; take photos and edit the details later.

Method 2:

Adding items by scanning the barcodes.

For items that have barcodes, you simply scan all the barcodes you can find and wait for BleBlo to find the details. Once all the barcodes have been identified, you will receive a notification, and you can confirm whether the details are entered correctly.

You can then go back and tweak the details, or use your own photos instead of the thumbnails BleBlo recommended.

BleBlo Add Collections in Batches

Add Items in batches