Future & Suggested Features

Features that will become available in the next update

  • Updating thumbnails to show Xbox One or PS4 templates over title for games category.

Features updated in the latest version of BleBlo:

  • Sort items alphabetically by default
  • Better scanning of barcodes
  • Contextual fields for items in specific categories. For example if you select ‘money’ as your categories the fields will change to Amount and Method of Payment.
  • Contextual navigation opens on tap not on hold.
  • Taking photos will be a more intuitive experience.
  • Send Email reminders to friends who are not on Facebook.
  • Trial version (will run for a week and you wont lose your collection once you purchase BleBlo).
  • Icons to show categories in panorama home screen.
  • Invite a friend to BleBlo


Suggested Features

  • Add a trial version. (Added to next update)
  • Predictive text when entering titles. (Already does this but will become more functional once we have enough entries from users).

Future Features

  • The ability to scan all the contents on my computer and add it to your collection.
  • The ability to scan the labels or covers, not just barcodes.

Please suggest your features by commenting below.

7 thoughts on “Future & Suggested Features”

  1. I’m using your windows phone app for the fist time, and I wish to record here my whole gaming collection (almost 590 physical games for more than 20 different systems), and a part of my book one, and I was thrilled to see the barscan option, but I found it’s frustrating to use because it always use the flash option even when there’s already enough light, and 9 times out of 10 the flash ends up right on the barcode, making it impossible to be seen by the camera thanks to the plastic that makes a strong glow reflex, so I would like an option that turns off the flash of the camera.
    It would also be great to have a customizable voice in the genre entry and maybe a customizable entry (I usually divide them by series for example, or developer instead of publisher), and, in the future, some sort of internet image search option for covers of games that we have to put there manually.
    I’m gonna use your application not much for lend record (seeing that my friends prefer to buy their own games rather than playing a borrowed copy), but to have a quick way to see if I already have a specific game or not, so a filtered visualization in the ‘yours’ selection with not only title search, but system and genre would be of some help.

    I hope your app will grow even better and stronger, because it’s the first one I found that actually does what I need and I already like it and it will be really useful for many kind of collectionists, good job!

  2. Could you translate the app for other languages ? It could be an online comunity translation using Transifex or any tool like this.
    Can we also find our collections ond bleblo.com, not only on the app ?

    1. Hi there Lucas, thank you for you feedback. I am considering new languages and I will have a look at Transifex and try to have it translated to a few other languages in the next version. I love the idea of seeing your collections on the website, will definitely look at getting that in the next version as well, maybe with some additional features that are more tricky to do with the app. I am still planning on doing a desktop version as well.

  3. Hi,

    I would love to see this as a universal app so I can manage my libraries from my windows 8 machine and windows rt tablet. Amazing application by the way and love the work you put into the latest release. Keep up the great work.


    1. Thank you Martin, it is always great to hear from fans. Turning BleBlo into a universal app is definitely the next order of priority after I complete porting BleBlo to iOS and Android.

  4. It would be usefull if i could enter DLCs into a Game entered to Bleblo so it would look very clean if i want to enter those in to the App
    And i miss the older Consoles like PS one, Xbox, SNES etc and WP or iOS for Smartphone Games
    Great work, i hope your App will grow and grow

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