BleBlo Batch Feature

If you think dusting off the cobwebs from your library and adding them to your digital library sounds like a lot of work you will be glad to know BleBlo V2 will allow you to add items in batches in one of two ways.

Method 1:

The first method of adding items in batches is to add only the titles, separated by commas. This is the preferred method for items that don’t have barcodes such as old books, toys, stamps, coins, dolls, your kid’s art etc.

Once you added all the titles you can select a thumbnail for each title or if you prefer; take photos and edit the details later.

Method 2:

Adding items by scanning the barcodes.

For items that have barcodes, you simply scan all the barcodes you can find and wait for BleBlo to find the details. Once all the barcodes have been identified, you will receive a notification, and you can confirm whether the details are entered correctly.

You can then go back and tweak the details, or use your own photos instead of the thumbnails BleBlo recommended.

BleBlo Add Collections in Batches

Add Items in batches

Sell your collections directly on Ebay

Another exciting new feature for BleBlo will be the ability to sell your collection on eBay in three quick steps.

In fact, we want to make it so easy that even eBay veterans would use BleBlo as the preferred method of loading their collections onto eBay.

BleBlo Sell on eBay


If your internet connection is good and you have your eBay account details correctly set up, you will be able to have your item on the eBay store in under a minute.

Do you like this feature, would you like me to incorporate other stores, is there something specific you want to know? Let me know what you think by commenting here or sending a mail to

BleBlo Crowdfunding Indiegogo launch date moved forward to the 16th of August

Hey guys, so after some feedback and some very useful insights from friends and professionals I decided to move the launch date forward with about two weeks (16th of August).

One reason is that I decided to no longer run the campaign for two months, but rather keep it short and impactful and fight to get all the funding in one month. This meant that I have less time to change and fix the campaign if something goes wrong so, I’d rather just move the launch date on with two weeks.

And to be honest, I need to spend a bit more time rallying in the troops on social media to make sure I launch BleBlo with a bit more of a bang.

Thanks for understanding if there are any questions or suggestions please email me at


One week till Indiegogo launch day

There is only one week left until the launch of the BleBlo Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign.

It has been a long and exciting road full of learning curves but we are getting real close to D-day, and I think I’m ready to press the launch button next week Tuesday.

This is my first #crowdfunding campaign that is NOT for a client, so it feels somewhat weird sitting on the other side of the table. I didn’t realize how self-critical you need to be, even when you want to keep things lean and simple, maybe even more so because of it.

Anyway, I’m really excited, the video is 99% done and I think you guys are gonna dig it. Maybe I’ll release a sneak peek here on the blog toward the end of the week.

To receive a reminder when the campaign goes live:

One of the new exciting features for BleBlo – Showcase page

One of the exciting new features that will be available if we successfully fund the Indiegogo campaign is what we call Showcase Pages.

Showcase Pages will allow you to make your collections visible to the general public via a responsive website (shows on desktop, tablet or mobile handsets).

You will also be able to create your own subdomain, for example,

Advertising will is displayed on showcase pages. To remove it all you need do, is buy the paid version of BleBlo for the regular price of $1.

Showcase pages are meant to be super simple so your collection will be the hero. It will basically include a search bar, your name , page details and then your collection seen in the mockup below.

Want to add something to this feature, please let me know by commenting on this post or emailing me at

Everyone has something to share.

BleBlo Showcase Pages

BleBlo Seeks Crowd Funding for latest update and iOS and Android versions

It has now been more than two years since I launched BleBlo and it has been a fun and enjoyable journey.

The time has come to make BleBlo available to everyone on iPhone and Android.

I wanted to make sure BleBlo is stable and that all the kinks are ironed out. It also allowed me to rework the UI designs into what I think is something that is simple and fun to use.

To be honest, I had started building BleBlo in a cross-platform environment called Xamarin last year. 90% into the project I realized that it was not going to work due to design and resource restrictions in Xamarin. To get BleBlo to the standard that I want, it would need to be done natively for Android and iOS.

So here we are today,  getting everything ready for launch on the 01 August 2016 16th of August 2016.


BleBlo one week in.

This is my first BleBlo post and let me start by saying thank you to all the early adopters who have already purchased their copy of BleBlo. The first two weeks have certainly exceeded my expectations. A new exciting update will be launching in the next three weeks with loads of big improvements.

BleBlo loading screen on Nokia Lumia 1020

The biggest improvement will be a more contextual experience for specific categories such as books, games, music, movies and money.

Another update from a UI point of view will be that the contextual navigation happens on tap, not on tap and hold.

To have a look at these updates please have a look at the Future and Suggested Features.

Happy sorting and sharing your collections.

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